Smart Businesses use multiple videos for all of their communication needs.  Here are some reasons why you should 'Videorize' your business:


Marketing Magic

An explainer acts as your own 24-hour salesman, who's message is ALWAYS constistant! 

Improves SEO 

Your videos are 53 times more likely to appear on the page of search results than text pages.  

Video is Engaging.  

You only get one chance to get your message across.  Video is a great way to help your customers understand what you're all about, making it more likely they'll buy what you're selling!

Digital Video is the Future.

Online video marketing is effective. Obviously, people are watching an ever-increasing amount of online video, but this isn’t the only reason you need to start creating video content. According to Nielsen and the IAB, shifting from television to digital video can enhance your campaign’s reach at a lower cost. It also makes the campaign’s reach more effective—generating an increase in general recall (+15%), brand recall (+33%), message recall (+45%), and likability (+40%).

Video is The New Powerpoint.

Giving great presentations is crucial in business.  Videos are increasingly being included in presentation decks to 'wow' the audience.  A video shows that your business is serious about your goals and aspirations, and has the ability to deliver a more personal and inspiring element to your presentation. It might just be what you need to help close the deal.

Educating your Workforce just got Easier.

It's important for some companies to make sure their work and sales force are on the same page.  Especially when they aren't all located in one office.  That's why companies are investing in specialized internal videos that help educate on everything from safety protocols to new product launches.

'How To' Videos are replacing written instructions.

Take your customer service to the next level. Make sure your customers are using your product the right way.  A video can be more informative than text instructions. Your customers will thank you.