Sales and Pitch Videos: How to Make Your Story Compelling


There is no doubt that video has become the most eye-catching and compelling form of presentation on the internet today. Since the advent of YouTube in particular, videos are now being used by all types of individuals, studios, and ordinary businesses to create messages that reach viewers in large numbers. This is particularly true of the pitch video which offers a product, service or idea that must be delivered to the viewer in a compelling fashion.

However, it takes more than just speaking into a video camera to get your message across. While the distribution of video has certainly changed with the advent of the internet, telling a compelling story still relies on the old fashioned approach of having a good script, clear ideas and compelling visual images to go along with the verbal pitch.

To make your story compelling means that you must be able to translate your ideas to those who will see and hear what you have to say. Video offers a great platform because you can visualize many of your ideas so that they have more impact.

What Makes an Effective Start Up Video?

Here, you are introducing a new idea, product or service to those who may not fully understand the concept, so you are going to have to shape the start up video into something that is as easy to understand as possible.

Simplicity: Explain what the concept is in simple, direct terms even if they are not 100% accurate because confusing the viewer will simply lose them.


Create the Feeling of an Opportunity: Here, you will want to convey both verbally and visually that this is something people need to get aboard and take advantage of for their own benefit. The better you can create the feeling of an opportunity, the more it will sell to the viewer.

How to Make a Compelling Pitch Video

Pitch videos are usually about products that are easily identifiable, even if they’ve never been seen before. This means a different course of action than creating a start up video.

Show the Need: In order to sell what you have, you must demonstrate the need first so that viewers can identify with it.

Be Quick & Precise: Once you have established the need, get right to how your product, idea or service solves the problem. Don’t waste words, just get right to the point and be direct.

Although you can certainly invest in the video and editing equipment yourself, it is generally best to hire a professional video service that can offer you the scripting, talent and overall production that provides your start up video with the best chance of success. Talented professionals have years of experience with pitch videos and know just how to make them work.

Videorize Team