Why Businesses Need Video for Sales and Marketing


When it comes to promoting your products, services and business on the internet, video is now more important than ever. Starting with the introduction of YouTube back in November, 2005, there has been an explosion of videos on the internet ever since. Thanks to advancements in technology that have greatly lowered the price of video production combined with the ease of uploading videos to YouTube and other sources, business video today is now more important than ever.

All types of videos from commercial, instructional, informative and even humorous have been created by a wide variety of companies in order to expand their customer base.

The Advantages of Business Video

There are a number of benefits for your business to expand its marketing efforts to include video. This is especially true of small businesses that are trying to separate themselves in the marketplace.

Attraction: Video marketing represents an eye-catching way of promoting products or services. It is a lot simpler to convey your message when it consists of video that demonstrates what a business does, what they offer and how it can be used by the consumer.

Brevity: Video allows you to convey a considerable amount of information in a very short time frame. A text story that takes a few minutes to read can be condensed to a 30 second video that delivers the same information. This is because the combination of video and audio can deliver the message very quickly.

Inexpensive: Thanks to advances in technology, video production methods and equipment are significantly cheaper than they were twenty years ago. This means that a business can either hire a video production company to make inexpensive online videos or buy the equipment themselves. Either way, it has become a very cost efficient manner to advertise. In addition, uploading videos to YouTube, social media sites and the like is generally free. Compare that to buying time on a television station.

In addition, a video may go “viral” and reach people all around the world. 

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What is the Viral Video?

A viral video is one that gets shared so often on social media sites that it will reach millions of people most of whom had never heard or seen the video before. When it comes to marketing videos, this is the ideal that businesses want to achieve. However, it is rather difficult to do because the elements needed to create a video that goes viral are not quite the same for each one.

The general elements in a viral video is that it must be short or at least to the point, funny and offer an angle or message that is not commonly found in the mainstream. For business video, having one achieving a viral status may not be easy to come by, but since having a large budget is not one of the requirements it does mean that there can be many different attempts which increases the odds of it happening.

Overall, creating a business video is a key element to your online marketing strategy. From start up video commercials, instructional or informational pieces or just plain humorous and insightful, videos can be the mainstay of your efforts to reach new customers online.