You'll find that video can be used in a variety of different ways. At the core, it's about communicating effectively.  Take a look at some of the different styles Videorize can do for your company or organization.


Animated Explainer

You have a great product, but now it's time to tell your audience WHY it's so great - and the reason people should be interested.  We can craft a script that gets to the heart of the story and convinces your prospective customers into acting.  Then, our graphic designers and animators consider your companies branding and message to create visuals that are modern, professional and stunning.  We make your brand dance and sing. Typical price ranges from $5k-$15k depending on complexity and duration.

Explainer with Live Action and Motion Graphics

Before we start every project, we consider our clients audience.  We feel it's important that the style of the video should impress your prospective consumers in the most optimal way.  If a more sophisticated style of video suits your brand better, we'll suggest this approach.  The process is still the same, but using high-end stock and motion graphics will deliver your message in a way that speaks appropriately to your offerings.

App and Software Demos

If you sell apps or software, you'll find you are constantly doing demos and explaining how it works.  A video demo can help people who are hesitant to set up a face to face demo right away learn if it's something that will work for them.  It's also great for sales emails, convention booth loops and of course, you're website.  

Social Oriented Video Spots

It's no secret that video is the content king for social media channels.  Video gets 3x the amount of views and response than static image posts.  If you are not doing this yet, let our expert creatives create a social campaign for you.  You will be amazed at how much better your social posts and campaigns will do. Typical prices start from $3k-$10k for campaign creative and 3-5 resulting spots prepared for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat.

Sizzle Reels

Otherwise known as chestpound and case study videos.  Nothing gets the point across better than video.  Show off your work in the best way possible with a sizzle reel.  Great for sales, conventions and websites.  Typical price falls in the $3k - $6k range.

Onboarding and Walk-Thru Videos

If you've sold something to your client or consumer, don't leave them out to dry once they've purchased.  Create an onboarding, tutorial or walk-thru video to help them get the most out of your product.  They'll thank you for it and it will result in greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.  They may even write you a glowing review!

Motion Graphics on Live Action

Live action footage can sometimes be boring and once your audience loses interest, you can lose them...quick.  Spice up your video with motion graphics that add visual interest and help tell a more engaging story.  Motion graphics also let you communicate the most important information you want your viewer to retain.