What we believe

We believe there is a story behind everything. The challenge is often a matter of how to make that story quickly and clearly understandable. We know that we are able to identify the core of your company, defining it effectively, in a way that makes your clients understand who you are, what you are and why you are deserving of their attention. We treat every project we take on as an opportunity to create something that touches and engages people in an emotional way. Of course, your bottom line is our first priority… but the human element of your work is what connects you to your desired audience. This is the magic ingredient that converts prospects and creates brand loyalty. We know that when we succeed in highlighting those attributes, we bring the power of your company to the forefront. We truly welcome the creative challenge of discovering, clarifying, visualizing and maximizing your business.


Our Team

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Founder and Creative Director, Brian "Smitty" Krupkin.

Videorize is led by Founder and Creative Director, Brian "Smitty" Krupkin.  With over 15 years of professional animation and video production experience, Smitty brings top quality creative expertise to companies and individuals at an attainable price.  Smitty started his career in animation working on animated shows for MTV, Cartoon Network, PBS Kids and Discovery Kids. Noticing the growing demand for video, he focused on the corporate/commercial space, working for prestigious agencies and brands such as MTV, Sports Illustrated, Sanofi Aventis, Church & Dwight, Ricoh, Time Warner, Columbia University, Carrot Creative (a 'Vice' company), Vayner media, Pepsi Co, NHL and American Express and many others. With a keen understanding of the unique needs of clients and the ability to deliver effective and eye-catching videos, Smitty soon became…and continues to be…the 'go-to' guy for video animation.


We need our people

Beyond organizing around B2B, B2C, and Non-Profit clients, every project has its own cast of characters working behind the scenes to bring your vision to life.


Christopher Moskal

Market Strategist/CFO/Partner

With a history in finance and start-ups, Chris is an experienced marketing and business strategist.  He excels in pin-pointing a business's strengths and weaknesses.  This allows him to recommend marketing approaches that not only provide exposure, but keeps sight of the bottom line for better ROI. 

Sid K.

Head Content Writer

If you want to highlight the true essence of your company and emphasize the reason behind the brand, Sid is your man.  A master writer for over 30 years, he can take what you want to say and make it sing!  

Renee Fishner

Social Guru

Every company needs a social presence that works for them.  Luckily, Renee knows her social channels inside and out.  From her own small business to working for large conglomerates, she knows what it takes to create a social brand story that engages your audience in exciting ways.

Lauren Herman

Digital Consultant

An industry veteran,  Lauren has worked on some of the largest digital projects in the world for some of the most recognizable brands around.  Lauren knows how to transition and position companies to compete in the current digital landscape.


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