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At Videorize, we live and breathe video.  

We have a genuine passion for producing great videos and have built a creative process that gets results.  Couple that with great talent, and you can feel confident that we are the right company to take care of all your video needs.  We know there are a lot of choices out there but our work speaks for itself and shows the quality and value we offer - a fully custom designed, clear and concise, professional video that fits your brand (and budget) to a tee. Go ahead, contact us, and we'll tell you just how easy it can be to make a video that's perfect for your brand.

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like these great companies did:

PRA Health Sciences 'What are Clinical Trials' Internal New Hire Video

Cherwell Service Management - Product Video

Artemis Project Management Software Overview 

WhoWeUse App Explainer Video


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Our process


The general concept in written form with the main points in the order you want them to happen.


An important step to fine tune your message and figure out important visuals you'd like to have during each part of your script.

Style Frames

An illustration of how the visuals will be designed.


Illustrated frames laid out in the order they will be animated.  Giving an idea on what the final product will be.


Putting everything together and letting the animators work their magic!

Voiceover & Sound Design

The polish to any video, making it as professional as it can be.

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